Queen Breeding – Selection & Testing

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Take the next step with your queen rearing and learn how to select and test for desirable traits. This will help you breed selectively to improve your own queen lines. With an increased understanding of genetic traits, it is important to be able to make accurate comparisons between colonies when selecting breeders.

By the end of the day, you will have learnt valuable skills in how to test your colonies for specific traits. This will enable you to to improve your own queen lines and develop a breeding program.

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There is a difference between queen rearing and queen breeding, queen rearing is the process of raising and mating queens, breeding is the selection and testing of queen and drone lines with the aim of bee improvement.This course is ideal for anyone who is already rearing queens and would like to progress to breeding, or if you have done our Queen Rearing Course.

Course Content

This course will cover methods used to test queens for genetic traits such as VSH and hygiene. You will learn how to carry out different tests on colonies and score them. This will equip you with the relevant practical skills and knowledge to test you own colonies.


This course will be held at our site just outside of South Molton, North Devon. We will provide you with details prior to your course date with an address and directions.

This course will run from 9:00 – 17:00

Queen Breeding – Selection & Testing