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Bishops bees are a UK Queen breeder providing UK bred queens and bees for sale. We are dedicated to providing good quality UK bred bees to beekeepers across the UK. With great experience in Breeding queens we can provide Instrumentally Inseminated and open mated queens.

Not only do we provide queens, but we also have honey bee nucs for sale. We are one of few suppliers which will deliver your nuc to you. All our nucs are headed by young productive queens and are quality checked before being sent.

Brood from II Buckfast Queen

A brood frame from one of our UK bred Instrumentally Inseminated Buckfast Queens. Almost every cell has been used, right out to the edges. This is a good example of how well a quality queen can lay.

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As queen breeders, we currently run a number of breeder programs to produces different lines of bees. In addition to producing Buckfast bees, we also have our own honeymaker bees for sale. These are the result of a collaboration with a commercial honey farm to produce a good quality UK honey bee. Our honeymaker queens are comparable to the best buckfast bees and have proved highly productive and easy to work with.


We are now offering beekeeping courses. If you are looking at getting into beekeeping then we have some courses for you. Whether you are new to beekeeping or experienced, we should have something for you.

Bee hive with smoker
Theory Courses

We have a number of theory courses which will help you to understand the principles of beekeeping. They will allow you to learn about colony dynamics and how beekeeping is worked around the natural behaviours of bees.

Practical Courses

To gain hands on experience we offer a practical beekeeping course. This we get you used to working with bees and help you understand the practical aspects of beekeeping.

For those looking for more of a challenge, we are now running Instrumental Insemination courses. These will help get you started on your journey to produced your own high quality queens.


2020 II Buckfast queen

Instrumentally Inseminated Buckfast queen

Our UK bred II Queens are bred using the criteria laid out by brother Adam. They are high productive and disease resistant. As they are Instrumentally Inseminated, they are ideal to rear new queens from to improve your own stock.

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British Bred Open Mated Queen

Open Mated honeymaker queen

The product of a breeding project in conjunction with a commercial honey farm, these queens are fantastic for both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers alike. they are highly productive and easy to work with. These queens will head strong and productive colonies.

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2020 II Buckfast Queen

Open mated Buckfast queens

We raise a number of UK bred Buckfast queens for sale every year. these queens have been proven time and again. They will head up productive colonies which are very calm and easy to work.

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Queen Rearing Course

Queen Rearing Course

This queen rearing course will help get you started rearing your own queens and improving your success rate. You will learn the basics of queen rearing to help you get started and begin raising your own queens. With a mix of theory and practical, this course will help you plan your queen rearing and begin raising your own …

Perennial Collection

Our plants for pollinator collections are designed to provide a vital source of food for a variety of pollinators throughout the year.  These collections take all the hassle out of creating a wildlife friendly flower border so you can just sit back and enjoy!

Digitalis Camelot (Foxglove)

Foxgloves are a must for any pollinator friendly garden. Their long flower heads are a favourite for many of the UK bumblebee species.  This mix of pastel colours are also perfect for creating a quintessential cottage garden.

Achillea Summer Pastels

These herbaceous perennials provide a wonderful splash of colour in pollinator friendly borders and rock gardens. Their large open flower heads are loved by honey bees and are also a favourite of many solitary bees.  Its feathery foliage not only looks stunning but also provides hairs for wool-carder bees to line their nests.  Achillea are also great for a cut …


The Year so far

This year has certainly been an odd one so far. With the weather and COVID19, it has been hard to plan ahead. With things beginning to calm down, we will hopefully have an uneventful rest Read more…

Varroa Treatments

We have finished our round of winter Varroa treatments. To treat our bees for Varroa, we have been using Oxalic acid vapour. Oxalic acid is an effective treatment with an efficacy of over 95%. This Read more…