Beekeeping for Beginners Practical Course


A 1 day practical beekeeping course for beginners to learn the basic practical skills of beekeeping. This course will prepare you for keeping and managing your own bees. It covers the carrying out of inspections and some basic manipulations. You will have the opportunity to practices and improve your beekeeping skills.

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Hands-on experience of beekeeping is invaluable for your learning. This course we will provide you with the opportunity to develop your practical beekeeping skills under experienced supervision. From General inspections to specific manipulations, you will learn about the practical side of beekeeping. Based in a teaching apiary, this is a hands-on course.

Aimed at beginners, you will need some basic knowledge of bees and beekeeping. We recommend undertaking our beekeeping for beginners theory course first. Run over a day, you will learn the practical basics of beekeeping.

Based in a teaching apiary, this course will start with group inspections before working towards inspections carried out by yourself in a small group or pair.

Course Content

This course will start with an introduction to go over some of the beekeeping basics and the general course format. After, we will get suited and head out to a teaching apiary. Here, we will have an introduction to working a hive and handling bees.

Learning about the dynamics of a hive and how to inspect a hive as a group, you will develop an understanding of the practicalities of beekeeping. Inspecting a number of hives in different states will help build your understanding of how hives appear. You will then go on to improve you practical beekeeping skills.

Basic manipulations will also be demonstrated with discussion about their variations and purpose. This will involve different methods of feeding, swarm control as well as marking the queen. This course will help prepare you for keeping and managing your own bees.

You will need to bring welly boots and waterproofs. You will also require a bee suit and gloves, if you don’t yet have one then please let us know so we can provide one.


This course will be held in the vicinity of South Molton, North Devon. Due to COVID19 and ongoing projects here at Bishops Bees we can not yet confirm the exact location. We will provide you with Details prior to your course date with an address and Direction.

This course will run from 9:00 – 17:00

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16/05/2021, 29/05/2021, 06/06/2021