Instrumental Insemination Course

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2 Day Instrumental Insemination Course

A two day course to teach you the fundamentals of Instrumental Insemination and get you started. This is a practical course to enable you to learn and develop you Instrumental insemination skills.


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Instrumental insemination, often referred to as artificial insemination, of queen bees has long been recognised as an ideal tool to preserve and improve queen lines. It is widely employed in research and many of the worlds queen breeders. The complete control of both the queen and drone lines means that quality queens can be consistently achieved. Many of these queens often become breeder queens and head productive lines of their own.

This two day long course will teach you the how to carry out instrumental insemination of queen bees and the fundamentals of their care pre and post insemination. We will go through some of the selection criteria for drone and queen lines. The focus of this course will be on semen collection and insemination of queens. This is predominantly a practical course allowing you to develop your instrumental insemination skills.

You will learn using our quality insemination units and also have an opportunity to try the different configurations. We will supply drones and queens for you to work with. This course is best suited to individuals who are confident handling bees as you will need to pick up queens and drones.

We will talk you through how to pick out drones suitable for semen collection. You will require a bee suit and boots to partake in the drone collection. If you do not have a suit, please let us know when booking and your size so that we can provide one.

Each course has limited numbers to ensure that you have the best learning experience possible.


This course will be held at our site just outside of South Molton, North Devon. We will provide you with Details prior to your course date with an address and Directions.

This course will run from 9:00 – 17:00 over two Days

Instrumental Insemination Course