Bishops Bees is a honeybee farm based in North Devon, predominantly producing UK bred honeybee queens and nucleus colonies.  We first set out breeding bees due to the lack of UK queen breeders.  By breeding from bees that are suited to the UK climate and forage, we offer high quality queens and bees for sale.  Our aim is to produce high quality bees suitable for both the novice and experienced or commercial beekeepers. 

To share our love of beekeeping we now offer a range of beekeeping courses. From starting out with beekeeping to queen rearing and instrumental insemination, our courses cater to beekeepers of any level and experience. 

From our study of honeybee foraging and interest in sustainable beekeeping we have naturally progressed into pollinator friendly gardening.  From this we have recently expanded to include pollinator and wildlife friendly plant nursery.  We stock a range of cottage garden plants, and wildlife friendly trees, climbers and shrubs.  In addition to this we are now able to produce wildflower meadow plug plants and seeds. 

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