Queen Rearing Course

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Queen Rearing Course

This queen rearing course will help get you started rearing your own queens and improving your success rate. You will learn the basics of queen rearing to help you get started and begin raising your own queens. With a mix of theory and practical, this course will help you plan your queen rearing and begin raising your own queens.

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Queen rearing is a valuable skill for producing your own queens and improving your stock. Many beekeepers feel that queen rearing is a daunting and complicated task. This course is set out to get you started rearing your own queens.

Over this course you will learn the basic theory of queen rearing and various methods, as well as getting hands on with some practical queen rearing. You will learn about the mechanics of queen rearing and the individual stages. There are a number of commonly used methods which you will learn alongside the practical skills required.

Throughout the day you will learn and put into practice skills such as setting up cell building colonies and maintaining cell builders. There will be a focus on grafting based methods as well as some non-graft methods. With plenty of time to practice your skills you will be well placed to start your queen rearing project.


This course will be held at our site just outside of South Molton, North Devon. We will provide you with Details prior to your course date with an address and Directions.

This course will run from 9:00 – 17:00

Queen Rearing Course