Squeeze Seal 100mm

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Introducing our 100mm Squeeze Seal, the perfect choice for creating a secure compression seal between an insemination tip and a syringe. This flexible silicone tubing has a thick wall and a 1mm internal diameter, making it ideal for use in hygiene-critical applications. Our squeeze seal is FDA and BFR approved, ensuring its safety and suitability for use.

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Our 100mm Squeeze Seal is a flexible silicon tubing used to make a secure compression seal between insemination tips and the syringe. With an ID of 1mm and thick wall, this tubing is FDA and BFR approved for use in hygiene critical applications.

When joining the insemination tip to the syringe holder, the tip is inserted into the holder end with a short length of squeeze seal. Tightening the syringe holder end compresses the seal against the syringe body tip and around the insemination tip, creating a tight seal between the two. This makes the squeeze seal an essential component for successful insemination.

If you need a larger length, simply increase your order quantity, and we will cut off your full order as one length. Note that you should replace this section of squeeze seal frequently, as it can degrade over time. However, you can sterilize it between uses. Order our reliable and FDA approved squeeze seal today and ensure the success of your insemination process.

Squeeze Seal 100mm