Harbo Insemination tips 5 pack

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Pack of 5 Harbo Insemination Tips

Pack of 5 Insemination tips for use with a Harbo syringe kit. These tips are pulled from glass capillary tube for a tip length of approximately 5mm and an aperture size of 0.15mm. The overall length is approximately 40mm with a diameter of 1.5mm.

Shaped and polished and then fire polished to finish, these tips are smooth to prevent damage or contamination to the queen during insemination.

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Pack of 5 short insemination tips for use with Harbo style syringe kits. These tips can be joined to a cannula for the collection of semen and Instrumental insemination. Their short length means that should they need to be changed there will be minimal loss of semen. Being easy to change means that you can routinely change them during the insemination procedure reducing the risk of contamination or infection.

These tips are drawn from glass capillary tube with an insemination tip aperture of 0.16mm and a flat profile. The tip extends for approximately 5mm to ensure a good seal during insemination. The ends are polished and shaped before being fire polished. This provide a smooth finish to prevent damage to the queen and ensure easy cleaning.

Insemination tips are 1.5mm in diameter and approximately 40mm in length. They are fire polished with a tip aperture size of 0.16mm and tip length of approximately 5mm.

Harbo Insemination tips 5 pack