Overwintered Langstroth Nucleus Colony

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Discover our 2024 Overwintered British Bred Langstroth Nucleus, led by a thriving 2023 British Bred Queen.

Out of Season deposit: £100
Total Cost: £320
Delivery: £20

Anticipate Delivery/Collection in May 2024 – Weather Dependent

Nucleus colonies are the perfect choice for beekeepers, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast. If you’re just starting your beekeeping journey or looking to expand your bee colonies, these nucs are an excellent choice.

Our overwintered nucleus colonies are established and delivered in spring, setting the stage for a strong honey yield and robust colony growth once they’re placed in your hives.

These nucs consist of five Langstroth frames and are led by a robust British-bred queen from the 2023 season. Benefit from next-day delivery, ensuring these colonies are ready for seamless transfer to your hives. We’ll coordinate with you to schedule a delivery date that suits your convenience.

Enhance your beekeeping venture with our 2024 Overwintered British Bred Langstroth Nucleus. Secure your order now and anticipate thriving colonies and a promising honey harvest in the near future.

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British Bred Overwintered Honey Bee Langstroth Nucleus Colony

Discover the excellence of our Overwintered Honeybee nucleus colony, boasting a vibrant 2023 British Bred Queen.

  • Total Cost: £320
  • Out of Season Deposit: £100
  • Delivery: £20

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable for pre-orders.

Looking to enhance your apiary or start your beekeeping journey? Our 5-frame nucleus colonies are a fantastic choice. Each nucleus is headed by a young, British-bred queen, accompanied by a full spectrum of brood stages, ensuring you receive a thriving colony with eggs, larvae, pupae, and ample honey and pollen stores. These colonies are primed for an upgrade to a full hive, and we recommend this be done as soon as the bees have settled.

Our overwintered nucleus colonies are robust, well-established, and ready for spring delivery. These colonies often yield impressive honey crops and thrive when transferred to hives.

Your nucleus colony will arrive in a five-frame correx box on Langstroth DN4 frames, employing the Hoffman spacing. You can trust in the quality of our colonies; they undergo meticulous checks to guarantee top-tier standards. The queen at the helm is a marked 2023 British Bred Queen.


We will send your nucleus colony via next-day delivery. As soon as you place your order we will reach out to coordinate delivery details with you. For pre-orders, we’ll confirm the spring delivery date and provide an invoice for the remaining balance. Shipping incurs an additional £20, though we’re happy to arrange collection if you prefer.

Receiving Your Nuc

Upon receiving your nucleus colony, choose your desired location for the colony’s home. Opt for a sunny, sheltered area that ensures easy access and minimal disturbances. With the entrance disc turned to open the door, the bees will acclimate to their new surroundings over the next few hours. During this period, it’s best to allow the bees to settle undisturbed. Once they’ve acclimated, usually the following day, you can transfer the bees to a full hive.

Transferring Your Bees

Set your nucleus colony aside and position the hive. Open the nucleus and carefully move each frame into the hive, checking for the queen as you go to ensure her smooth transition. After all the frames are in place, gently tap the nuc box on the floor to release any remaining bees into the hive. To fill the vacant space in the hive, add more frames, close up the hive, and allow the bees to settle in.

Now, it’s time to relish your beekeeping journey. If you have any queries or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Your beekeeping adventure awaits! Secure your Overwintered Honey Bee Langstroth Nucleus Colony today.

Overwintered Langstroth Nucleus Colony

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