Langstroth 5 Frame Nucleus Colony

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Headed by a young British Bred 2024 Queen

Nucleus colonies are ideal for beginner and experienced beekeepers alike. They are ideal if you are just starting out on your beekeeping journey or just looking to increase your colony numbers.

These colonies are raised in the spring and should be ready for delivery from July weather permitting. Delivery is available for £20 per colony.

These are 5 frame langstroth nucs and come well established headed by a young 2023 British bred queen. They are sent next day delivery and are ready to be transferred to hive. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to arrange a delivery day that is convenient for you.

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British Bred Honey bee Nucleus Colony

2024 Langstroth Honeybee nucleus colony headed by a young British Bred Queen.

We Supply 5 frame nucleus colonies for sale. These are ideal for new beekeepers or those wishing to build up their stock. Our nucs are headed by a young British bred Queen with her own brood in all stages. So, eggs, larvae and pupa are all present and both honey and pollen stores. These nucs are ready to be upgraded into a hive. We suggest that, after leaving the bees to settle, they are transferred into a full hive at the earliest convenience.

Your nuc will be supplied to you in a five frame correx box on Langstroth frames. They will have brood in all stages which are progeny of the queen and will have undergone our quality checks to ensure that you are getting a high quality colony. The queen is a 2024 British bred queen and comes marked.


Your Langstroth nuc will be sent via next day delivery. After you place your order, we will contact you to arrange delivery. We keep a constant supply of nucs in stock so they are ready to dispatch once your order is placed.

When pre-ordering, we will confirm a delivery date with you in the spring and send you an invoice for the outstanding balance. Postage is an additional £20, though collection can be arranged if you would prefer.

Receiving your nuc

Once you receive your nuc, place it in the location you want your colony to be. Its best to pick a location that provides you easy access all around the colony. A sheltered sunny spot is ideal, away from any disturbances and people. Once placed, turn the entrance disc around to open the door and allow the bees to fly out. The bees will spend the next few hours orientating to their new location. during this time it is best to leave them alone. Once settled, the next day, the bees can be transferred to a full hive.

Transferring your bees

Move the nuc to one side and set the hive down in position. Open the nuc and move the frames one by one to the hive. Check for the queen as you go to ensure she is moved across. once all the frames have been moved, knock the nuc box against the floor to dislodge the remaining bees and pour them into the hive. Fill the empty space in the hive with more frames, close the hive up and let the bees settle.

All that is left is to enjoy your bees.


Your deposit payment is to secure your nuc when pre-ordering, please note that this payment is considered non-refundable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Langstroth 5 Frame Nucleus Colony