Instrumental Insemination Unit 1.01

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Instrumental Insemination Unit 1.01

Light weight, easy to use Insemination unit ideal for inseminated a small number of queens each season. This unit is manufactured from stainless steel and is easy to clean and sterilise between use.

This unit comes complete with accessories such as Insemination tips, queen holder and back-up tube. It all comes complete in a convenient carry case.

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This instrumental insemination unit is light weight and easy to use. It comes complete with Insemination tips, queen holder and syringe and is ready to use. However, you will require a stereo microscope and CO2 supply to get started.

Instrumental Insemination of queen bees has become widely recognised as the most reliable way of maintaining queen lines. With equipment becoming more available it has become a valuable tool for beekeepers.

The sting forceps and ventral hook run through ball joints which offer smooth operation during insemination. They are in fixed locations making it easier to set-up. The syringe slider offers full movement, both vertically and horizontally. The queen holder assembly is full adjustable to ensure that optimum alignment of queen and tip can be achieved.

Manufactured from stainless steel, this unit is robust and easy to clean and sterilise between use.

  • Instrumental Insemination Unit 1.01
  • Stainless steel syringe holder
  • Queen Holder
  • Back-up Tube
  • Sting foreceps
  • Ventral hook
  • 2x leur cone handles
  • Hand probe
  • 5x insemination tips
  • Silicon grease
  • Squeeze seal for syringe
  • Spare 1ml Syring
  • 5ml Syringe for Saline

Comes complete in a carry case.

You will require a stereo microscope, we would recommend one with variable zoom from x7 to x45. In addition, you will require a CO2 source to anaesthetise the queen. Either an aquarium CO2 unit or welding CO2 supply with bubble counter will be sufficient.


Instrumental Insemination Unit 1.01