Glass Cannulas 125mm 5 pack

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Pack of 5 125mm Glass Cannulas

These fire polished glass cannulas are ideal for use with Harbo syringes. They are used to collect and hold the semen during instrumental insemination.

Ideal for storing semen for short periods, they can also be used when sending semen to other breeders.

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Glass cannulas are used to collect and store semen for instrumental insemination. They are uses with a Harbo style syringe kit. The separate tip connected to the cannula means that a blockage in the tip won’t result in the loss of the collected semen as the tip can just be changed. Cannulas can also be used to store semen for short periods of time. This allows you to collect semen and store it prior to inseminating queens.

These glass cannulas are 125mm long with a diameter of 1.5mm. They are fire polished to prevent shape or uneven ends. This is a pack of 5 glass cannulas.

Glass Cannulas 125mm 5 pack