British Bred ‘honeymaker‘ Open Mated Queens

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British Bred Open Mated Queens


Queens reared from highly productive lines which demonstrate good survivability and are easy to handle. Breeder Queens are selected from the best of over 1000 production hives, many headed by Strong Buckfast Queens. Being UK bred, they are well adapted to the UK climate and overwinter well. These queens are open mated in Devon on a drone flooded site to ensure queens have the best chance of mating well and carry good genetics.

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British Bred Queens

We provide high quality Open Mated Queens for sale. All of our queens are reared in the UK and as a result are perfectly suited to the British climate. Our breeding program is run alongside a commercial honey farm.  This provides a large number of highly productive colonies to select from, many of which are headed by strong Buckfast lines. Desirable traits we select for include honey production, ease of handling and disease resistance. Our Queens are reared from breeders selected from over a thousand production hives. The queens are open mated in a drone flooded area.  This ensures that there are plenty of quality drones available, resulting in well mated productive queens.  Our open mated queens are suitable for both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers.

Introducing your Queen

Queens are sent in introduction cages with attendants. Introduction cages have a candy plug. Just break open the tab and place into the hive between two frames of sealed brood. Then check back in three days to ensure successful release of the queen and that she has started laying. The hive should have been queenless for 48 hours and have no queen cells.


We send queens Monday to Thursday using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm. If you order before 8:00am your order will be sent out the same day, if not then it will be sent out the next posting day. If you would like your queen to be sent on a particular day then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please make sure that there is someone to sign for the package.

Please note that you can not start beekeeping with just a queen. By purchasing you are agreeing that you have prior knowledge of beekeeping and understand that you are purchasing just a queen which will require a colony to go into.

British Bred ‘honeymaker‘ Open Mated Queens