340g Devonshire Honey (soft set)

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A delicious tasting creamed honey produced from the nectar of wild flowers found in North Devon. Our bees forage along hedgerows and across fields from a range of wild flowers to produce this rich tasting poly-floral honey.

This Honey is produced in the summer from the nectar of wild flowers such as clover, bramble and rose bay willow herb and many more. the rich North Devon environment is ideal for producing a flavoursome honey year after year.

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This delicious soft set honey has been produced by our bees from the wild flowers of North Devon. This flavoursome honey has been cold extracted to preserve its flavour as the bees intended. Even through the jarring, we do not heat the honey and it remains as raw as you can get it without eating it straight from the comb.

Collected throughout the summer, this honey adds a touch of flavour to anything from porridge to tea. It truly provides a taste of the season and it is extracted shortly after the bees ripen it. The honey is seeded by using a fine granular seed honey to create a smooth textured set honey.. All the jars are hand poured to ensure the honey remains of high quality.

Our hives are situated deep in the countryside of North Devon where they are surrounded by beautiful wild flowers. White clover can be found across Devon’s pasture lands and the brambles can be found throughout the hedgerows. These to flowers add a sweetness to the honey with additional flavours added  by Hawthorne, Rose Bay Willow Herb and Knapweed along with many other wild flowers.

340g Devonshire Honey (soft set)