We’ve been checking our honey bee nucs to ensure they have plenty of stores for winter. This is an important time of the year to be keeping an eye on your honey bee colonys as they can easily starve during the dearth. These colonys will be offered for sale to you next year as over wintered honey bee nucs. It is important to have strong colonys going into the winter to ensure they survive the winter. Part of our winter preparation is to ensure that each colony has plenty of food to last them the winter. We like to ensure that they keep plenty of their own honey before topping their stores up with syrup.

A strong overwintered nucleus colony can be very productive for you in its second year. Often they will yield good harvests of honey and you can even make colony increases. We have managed to take good harvests from an overwintered nuc and make colony increases. This can be a great boost for a beekeeper, allowing you to make up for any winter losses and increase honey yields.

We’ve been preparing our honey bee nucs for winter