Clear Honey all jarred up ready for sale

Here at Bishop’s Bees, we’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks harvesting the honey and beeswax produced by our bees. Its been hard work in the hot weather we have been having and there is still more to come. Here are a few pictures of the fruits of our labour.

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Full Comb of Honey ready for extraction

The bees having been working hard this year and provided us with a good harvest of honey and beeswax. We have started harvesting the honey and wax, but don’t worry, we won’t take it all. It is important that we leave the plenty of honey to last them the winter.

Happily we have had full supers, though in this weather it has been hard working moving them off the hives ready for extraction.




Candles and Polish made from our own Beeswax

The beeswax and honey is separated through the extraction process, the honey is strained through a sieve to remove any wax and left to settle so that air can escape from the honey. Once the honey has settled then it is jarred up and labelled ready for sale.

The wax is melted down and cleaned by running it through a filter and used to produce candles by pouring it into candle moulds.


Set Honey all Jarred up ready for sale

Some beeswax is also used to produce polish by carefully mixing it with pure gum turpentine. Turpentine is produced by distilling tree sap which means our polish is produced from all natural ingredients.

The Honey is divided into clear and set honey, clear honey is freshly extracted, whereas the set honey has been allowed to naturally granulate before jarring.

We’ve been busy