We are pleased to say that over Autumn and winter we will be running  beekeeping theory courses. It has been a long time in the making. Having found a suitable venue, Quince Honey Farm in North Devon, it is now a reality.

Quince Honey Farm is one of the UK’s leading commercial honey farms. It is a family run business producing UK honey. They have recently moved site to facilitate the expansion of their education based tourist attraction. We are pleased to be able to run courses from their site.

Initially, we will be running two theory courses. These are Beekeeping for beginners and Exploring the Hive. Providing individuals with the knowledge to start and progress their beekeeping we hope these will be popular. Booking for these courses can be done through our website. With the current events of this year in mind, we have taken extra care to ensure that we can put COVID19 measures in place.

Beekeeping for Beginners is aimed at those looking to take up beekeeping or who have recently started. We have broken the basics of beekeeping down and cover colony structure through to colony management. It is the ideal course to build a good basic knowledge base for beekeeping.

Exploring the Hive build on the basic beekeeping knowledge to help advance your beekeeping. With a focus on colony and apiary management, this course will help prepare you for managing multiple hives. This course will also provide you a unique chance to see one of our queen rearing sites located at Quince Honey farm. This apiary will help demonstrate some of the considerations in apiary management and set-up.

More in the future

Over the winter we will be planning additional courses to offer next year. We will be arranging a teaching apiary so that we can offer practical beekeeping courses. These will build on the theory courses to help beginners and those who a new to beekeeping. We will also be arranging a venue to offer Queen Instrumental Insemination courses and Queen rearing courses.

We are now offering Beekeeping Courses