This year has certainly been an odd one so far. With the weather and COVID19, it has been hard to plan ahead. With things beginning to calm down, we will hopefully have an uneventful rest of the year. 

It has certainly been a busy year so far, the hot weather through spring meant that we started queen rearing very early this year. We have been

Mating Hives

producing Instrumentally Inseminated Buckfast queens. We prove these queens in mating nucs prior to sale to ensure that they are fertile and have a good laying pattern.

New Queen Line

We have also introduced a new queen line. These are British bred open mated queens, they are the result of lots of hard work in collaboration with a UK honey farm. By selecting Queen mothers from the best of over a thousand production hives, that have being undergoing improvement for a

British Bred Open Mated Queen
British Bred Open Mated Queen

number of years. We have established a very productive and easy to work line of queens. They are open mated on a site flooded with drones from colonies  that have undergone the same selection process. 

AMM Queens

We are also undertaking a breeding program to rear AMM queens (Apis mellifera mellifera), We have good queen others which show high purity. This will provide us with a good basis to provide open mated AMM queens later in the year. 

Using wing morphology we can track the purity of the AMM lines that we produce to maintain good breeding lines. Using Instrumental Insemination we ensure that we maintain genetic purity as well as ensuring enough genetic variability to ensure strong healthy bees.

British Bred AMM Queen

The Year so far