Honey bees in a top feeder taking down syrup

The summer is coming to an end and autumn is on its way, its been a very busy year and we have had a successful season raising queens and taken a good honey harvest. Now is the time of year to keep an eye on your colonies’ stores and feed where they are running low.

There is still pollen coming into the hives and the Himalayan Balsam in in flower providing a late nectar flow before the Ivy comes into flower. Most of our hives are well stocked for stores and are preparing well for the winter.



A frame of eggs and larvae and a cell bar ready for grafting

There is still time in the year to raise a few more queens to replace poor stock or to over-winter in extended mini hives for early splits and replacements next year. By Instrumentally Inseminating our queens we are not restricted by possible poor weather preventing mating flights.

We will have time to do a few more grafts before the season is over, during this time we will also be identifying good colonies to be queen and drone mothers next year. By started the selection process early, we can assess the colonies over an extended period to ensure we make good selections.



Setting up our stall at the Bish Nym Bash 2018

Despite being very busy with the bees, we still found time to attend our local village fete, the Bish Nym Bash. Our clear honey was by far the favourite with many people commenting on its wonderful flavour. We sold out of all the beeswax polish we had taken and met some wonderful people who were very interested in the bees and beekeeping.

The Summer is over