Devon Honey Marmalade 340g

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A delicious marmalade made with Seville oranges and Devon honey. A delicate balance of flavours with medium cut oranges to perfectly complement any breakfast. The Devon honey truly brings out the flavour of the fruit giving your tongue an unique treat. Made here in the southwest, this marmalade proves to be a favourite of marmalade lovers everywhere.

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Produced for Quince Honey Farm, a third generation UK honey farm, this Devon honey marmalade is a true treat. The finely balanced flavours compliment any breakfast table. Made here in the south west with medium cut Seville oranges and Devon Honey, the perfect mix. The sweet honey enhances the flavours of the fruit making this a true treat. This marmalade is particularly good on a toasted slice of fresh baked bread. Ideal for starting a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Quince honey farm is in its third generation since they started here in North Devon not far from us. They are probably the largest honey producer with hives across the Southwest. Over the years they have produced recipes for many foods such as this Devon Honey Marmalade. Made using their honey, this marmalade is a must for any marmalade lover. The local honey enhances its flavour wonderfully, and has been enjoyed by us here at Bishops bees. Our close working relationship has led us to some of our favourite Quince Honey farm products.

Why not try some? we are sure you will enjoy it as much as us.

Devon Honey Marmalade 340g