Dandelion Honey 340g

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Dandelion honey produced by our bees from the dandelions flowering across the fields of Devon. Its unique flavour is rich and silky with deep undertones making it a honey to remember.

We harvest the dandelion honey at the end of the spring once the the nectar and pollen rich flowers have gone to seed and the dappled yellow fields have gone back to green.

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Dandelion honey is produced by the bees in the spring. Dandelions are one of the first spring flowers and are nectar and pollen rich. The bees make good use of the dandelion flowers and produce a surplus of honey which we harvest at the end of the spring. Once extracted the dandelion honey is coarse filtered and jarred to maintain its unique flavour and texture.

With its unique flavour, dandelion honey is a honey to remember. It has a deep, rich taste with a silky texture which truly is the flavour of the countryside in spring. It spreads well on toast or ideal to complement a salad, adding a truly unique touch.

All of our honey is unpasteurised and unheated to preserve its full flavour and produced here in the UK.

Dandelion Honey 340g