Dahlia ‘moonfire’


Dahlia ‘moonfire’

Dahlias are a bright and varied flower which come in many forms. They flower from July to September and provide vibrant colour to any garden.

They also provide both nectar and pollen to bees and are much visited by both short tongued and long tongued bumblebees as well as honeybees.

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Dahlia ‘moonfire’

An attractive dahlia with dark foliage and bright vibrant flowers. Flowering from May to October, this dwarf bedding plant makes a wonderful addition to any garden. These single flowered dahlias provide an excellent source of and pollen to many pollinators.

Supplied in a 1ltr pot and ready to plant out, they will provide instant attraction within your garden. They grow upwards to a height of 0.5 – 1 meter with a spread of 0.1 – 0.5 meters. Being a fast growing perennial, they will achieve their potential within 1-2 years. They are best planted with a south or west facing aspect. A moderately hardy species best planted in a sheltered position. Requiring a moist, well drained soil, they will take to most soil types well.

They will die back over winter and will regrow in spring if well protected from frost. Alternatively, you can dig out the tubers before the first frost and keep them in a cool frost free area. Then replant next spring into pots after the last frost.