Clip together Mating Nuc


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This mating nuc gives you great versatility when mating queens. The ‘clip together’ design means that you can add and remove boxes easily allowing you to grow the hive when needed. The floor is also detachable and the boxes can be used in any position. The internal feeder can also be moved up and down within the hive, or completely removed.

This robust design means that your mating hives will last longer than polystyrene equivalents, yet also benefits from similar insulation levels. The internal dimension allow the use of four frames with the feeder, or 6 frames without the feeder.

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2 layer Mating nuc

This robust mating nuc has a ‘clip together’ design allowing you add and remove layers as needed. Each box has different entrance settings and can be used in any position holding six frames, four if the box also holds the internal feeder. The clip together design means that all the hive parts will remain together with no need to add additional straps.

Each box can hold 6 standard mating nuc frames (the same size as apidea frames) or hold 4 frames with the internal feeder. The re-design of the internal dimensions to add an additional frame in with the feeder provides more space and makes it less likely for the queen to abscond after mating. The internal feeder can be moved between boxes, or removed completely if needed.

The interchangeable design of this mating nuc provides a versatility similar to a traditional hive. Each box has different entrance setting to suit the size of the colony. As the boxes can be clipped together, mating nucs can be built up during the year. At the end of the year, they can be combined to over-winter queens for the following season.

Using a mating hive

Mating hives are used to mate virgin queens without using lots of bees from productive hives. Their small size means that they can be stocked with a cup full of bees and once established can be be used repeatedly through the season. This means that you can always have mated laying queens when needed.

  •  To establish the hive, add foundation to each frame and introduce 1 cup of bees per layer. Make sure the feeder is stocked with fondant or syrup.
  • Introduce a queen cell into the hive.
  • Keep the bees locked in for 3 days in a cool location.
  • On day 3, site the hive and open the doors allowing the bees to fly.
  • Check the hive three weeks after the queen’s emergence to check for laying and pattern.

You can also introduce 1 day old virgins by dipping them into syrup and adding them to the hive along with the bees.

This mating hive comes with:

  • Floor
  • 2 boxes with entrances
  • Feeder compartment with queen excluder
  • Crown Board
  • Roof
  • 10 plastic frames
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These mating nucs are available to pre-order for delivery early 2022 ahead of the season, Please contact us if you are order a quantity not specified.