Beekeeping for Beginners theory course

Beekeeping for Beginners

A theory course aimed at getting you started on your beekeeping journey. Perfectly suited to those that are looking at getting into beekeeping or have just started. We will explore the dynamics of honeybee colonies to provide a base knowledge. Furthermore, this will allow us to examine the principles of colony management.

By the end of this 3 hour course you should have a good base knowledge to begin your beekeeping journey. We will also go over the different beekeeping equipment needed to start. This will enable you to start preparing for your bees.

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Beekeeping for Beginners Theory Course 

With beekeeping becoming ever more popular we are offering courses for those wishing to learn more about keeping bees. The world of bees and beekeeping is an exciting and confusing one. This course is aimed at giving those that want to get into beekeeping the basic knowledge to start their journey. It is also suited to those who have recently started and wish to develop their knowledge.

Over this three hour course you will learn about the basic dynamics of a honeybee colony, beekeeping equipment and the principles of beekeeping. This course will provide you with a sound knowledge base to help you become a successful beekeeper. If you wish to progress your learning further, then you can sign-up for our more advanced course Exploring the Hive. We will be running both courses on the same days. This means you can always book to do one after the other.

With a bespoke observation hive, you will benefit from a beekeepers view of a hive. There will be many opportunities to ask questions to greater understand the subject of beekeeping. We will also explore how hives are set-up. you will learn how to carry out inspections and what to look for within a hive. With many subjects covered, this is a beneficial and rewarding course.


This course will be held in the vicinity of South Molton, North Devon. Due to COVID19 and ongoing projects here at Bishops Bees we can not yet confirm the exact location. We will provide you with Details prior to your course date with an address and Direction.

This Course will run from 9:00 – 12:00

You are more than welcome to bring note making equipment and you will be provided an electronic copy of the talk for your own reference. Please note that video recording equipment is not permitted.


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26/09/2020, 31/10/2020, 27/03/2021, 24/04/2021, 15/05/2021

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