2 in 1 Mating hive

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2 in 1 mating hive for rearing queens. This hive can be set up for one or two queen cells or can be used to overwinter mated queens for use the following year. Mating hives are used to mate queens without using lots of bees. 1 cup of bees can be used per hive to mate a queen. This reduces the number of bees being removed from productive hives to facilitate mating.

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Mating hives are used to mate virgin queens without using lots of bees from productive hives. Their small size means that they can be stocked with a cup full of bees and once established can be be used repeatedly through the season. This means that you can always have mated laying queens when needed.

  • The 2 in 1 mating hive can be used to raise and mate a single queen or if a queen cell is introduced to each layer can be used to raise two queens. To establish the hive, add foundation to each frame and introduce 1 cup of bees per layer. Make sure the feeder is stocked with fondant or syrup.
  • Introduce queen cells into the hive. If introducing two cells, put one in the top and one in the bottom ensuring the queen excluder is in place.
  • Keep the bees locked in for 3 days in a cool location.
  • On day 3, site the hive and open the doors allowing the bees to fly.
  • Check the hive three weeks after the queen’s emergence. to check for laying and pattern.

You can also introduce 1 day old virgins by dipping them into syrup and adding them to the hive along with the bees.

This mating hive comes with,

  • Bottom box with entrance
  • Feeder compartment with queen excluder
  • Queen excluder
  • Upper box with 3 position entrance
  • Crown Board
  • Roof with recesses (these can be used for feeding fondant)
  • 9 plastic frames
  • Queen excluder entrance piece.
2 in 1 Mating hive