Although spring and the start of the beekeeping season seems a long way off, it will soon be upon us. Whilst the weather is cold and there is little beekeeping to do, its a great idea to sort out all your equipment ready for the spring.

Over the next month we will be busy making up new frames for our spring nucs. This means that all our nucs can go onto clean frames and wax. We will also be painting and preparing poly nuc boxes. Did you know that a good coat of masonry paint can help protect your poly boxes from UV and help them last longer?

Next month we will start preparing our queen rearing equipment and mini hives. All the mini hives which we use for proving II queens will be sterilised. This prevents the transfer of disease and is good beekeeping practice. We will also sterilise and prepare our queen rearing and insemination equipment. This means that we have everything ready for the start of the season.

When the weather is warm we will be able to check on our colonies and start preparing our overwintered nucs for sale. If you are looking to purchase overwintered nucs this year, why not head over to our shop and use the ‘get an alert’ button so that you will be notified when they are ready for sale.

With warnings of bad weather to come and a mild start to the year, we will have to keep a close eye on our colonies. Hopefully we will not suffer bad weather as we did last year and our queen rearing will start on time. This means that we will have British bred queens for sale for your spring splits.

Preparing for spring beekeeping
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