We’ve started on our list of end of season jobs, after a busy year of inseminating queens its time to make some replacement tips and stock up for next year. All our insemination tips are made by us from glass capillary tube which we heat with a coil until it can be drawn out. A drop weight draws out the capillary tube forming the tip shape.

Once we have drawn the tube out then we run a thin piece of wire into the tip to identify the point to cut the tip to the right size. We then flame polish the rough cut point using a heating coil to reduce risk of injury to the queen during insemination. We also offer our insemination tips for sale to you, its always a good idea to keep plenty in stock through-out the queen rearing season. If you would like to purchase some of ours tips then head over to the shop. If you interested in the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees then you can learn more from us here. We always enjoy answering questions, whether you are looking to try it yourself or you want to learn more, then please feel free to contact us.

Making Insemination Tips