At Bishops Bees Bee Farm we rear queen honey bees for sale. We use proven rearing methods and instrumental insemination, to produce a large number of high quality queens. Furthermore, unlike natural mating, we are not heavily affected by weather as we inseminate all of our queens. This means that we can provide you with consistently inseminated queens that will lead productive lives. All our queens are proven fertile layers, so are ready to lay once you introduce them to a colony.

Here at Bishops Bees, we carefully select from both the queen and drone lines when choosing breeding stock. With the use of II we have sustainable and repeatable breeding lines, therefore providing you with consistently high quality queens. We continually improve our breeding lines and by working with others we can improve their stability and genetic variability. If you wish to find out more about Instrumental Insemination, why not have a look here.

All the queens we offer for sale are bred here in the UK, we do not import queens for sale. We strongly believe that it important that strong breeding lines are developed and maintained in the UK and that II will play an important part in this.


Bishops Bees Bee Farm – UK Queen Breeders